Sunday, 18 July 2010

Victoria Ellory, BA

I've Graduated!

On the 16th of July 2010, I became Victoria Ellory, BA (With Hons)
My Ceremony took place at 2.30pm, I nearly missed my group shot of my class and the running to catch it resulted in a slip in the mud but I managed to get there in the end!

The day was fantastic and everything it's cracked up to be. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, getting to say goodbye one last time, hugging teachers you never thought you'd hug, and shaking hands with people you've never met before! I don't believe I have ever been as nervous as I was, the moments leading up to the walk across the stage, with the view of thousands of people. I thought I would be the one to fall over, or do something silly, but it was fine! I can barely remember the words of inspiration that were spoken between me and the Chancellor for it went straight over my head trying to keep upright. It took me approx 50 tries (not even exaggerating) to hair-grip and re-hair-grip my hat until it was secure, and it stayed on for the stage and luckily only fell of the moment I sat back down! AND it was the smallest size. This was the day I discovered I had an abnormally small head! You learn something new everyday!

To sum up... never miss the opportunity to attend your own graduation ceremony. There is something ritual in the attending of the occasion. It was a day of realisation that I am no longer a student! But most effectively it made me so proud of my self to have achieved something! I felt an almost spiritual satisfaction in having my photograph taken with a fake scoll? The discovery of adding letters to my name was an exciting one, and it simply changed my entire frame of mind, having been on a bit of sluggish route since leaving my student accomodation. It made me think optimistically of the future!

...And now the real world awaits....

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