Friday, 19 November 2010

It's been a while...

Since my last blog I won a place in the 53 Degrees North Exhibition, at the New School House Gallery, York.

This was a brilliant experience, as though I didn't win a chance to be an artist in residence as the lucky Hannah Lovett did with this fantastic Recycled glass and wool piece:

I did manage to secure a volunteer position at the gallery, gaining important exhibition experience for the future. Some of the work included in the graduates exhibition was amazing. It wasn't just a photography gallery. The New School House are more well known for their lovely displays of ceramic work, but the 53 Degrees North work was a massive array of every style of art you could imagine, from paintings to glass work, from etchings to jewellery and woolen illusionary work. The position lasted for 2 months and the experience landed me a job with the Pyramid Gallery, York, a few days a week! The Pyramid Gallery's Artists are mainly Jewellers but yet again contains such a variety of works you see something different every time you go in.

Luckily for me! Only a week or two after leaving the New School House Hallery I was recommended (by the owners of the New School House Gallery) for a new exhibition at the Bank Street Arts Centre in Sheffield, opening on the 23rd of November. The Exhibition is titled 'Minutiae' with an obvious connection to my genre of photography.

The Open evening with drinks all round is on the 25th November! 6-8pm
It would be fantastic to see a few familiar faces and I know a few people in Sheffield, so pop in for a free glass of wine and some thought-provoking work!

Millennium, an agency that sells reproduction rights also approached me at the Association of Photographers exhibition and asked if I would like to sell my work through them. They also granted me a position in the Graduate 2010 gallery, an exhibition online of photography graduates this year.

So also take a look here to see my work in The Graduate 2010 Gallery online!

I've had quite a few fun-filled and busy months getting my work "out there". I hope it gets me somewhere :)

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